Tips for looking smashing while you lose weight

Even when I was at my heaviest (270 pounds), I always tried to dress well (despite what my before picture says). It isn’t something I talk about all that often, but I think dressing up despite my weight was key to my weight loss success. Hear me out.

Looking good made me feel pretty, something that we are told we are not because we are fat. Dressing well was critical to my being able to accept myself as I was. If I looked good, I felt better about myself. The better I felt, the more likely I was to care for myself. Part of this caring for myself was making good food choices and living a healthy lifestyle. See the connection? I had to invest in myself as I was to truly change my body.

Here are some tips to help you look and feel your best as you lose weight:

  • Take a look at Nordstrom’s plus size department, either in person or online. They have the most flattering plus size clothing around. Their buyers, Corinne Snedeker and Breanne Holcomb (see photo below), are actually plus-sized women (not the wispy women I imagine are behind most of the bad plus-sized fashion out there). Before I knew this, I would always ask, “Who are your buyers?” I asked because the clothing was cut perfectly for a plus-sized body. The colors were always flattering. I felt beautiful in the clothes. The styles are also consistent with what is on trend for the misses sizes–making you feel like you are a part of the party and not excluded!And what’s best? Nordstrom offers you $100 in free tailoring, so what doesn’t fit perfectly can be adjusted to your unique  body. The style consultants in the Encore department are all plus-sized women, so you are comfortable no matter what your size is. They work hard to get you items that you will shine in and challenge you to try new styles and shapes.

    If you’re not plus sized, you can’t do better than Nordstrom’s Point of View or Narrative departments. If you’re on a tight budget, all of these services are available at the Nordstrom Rack, which sells regular Nordstrom items at dirt cheap prices.

Nordstroms has the best plus size clothing and style advice

Nordstroms has the best plus size clothing and style advice

  • Get your makeup done! With a minimum $50 purchase, any MAC counter will do your full face of makeup for free. I love this service so much. Whenever I feel like I’ve gotten into a rut or if I just want a new way to do my makeup, I make an appointment. The makeup artists are so friendly, and they are really focused on making you look pretty. And MAC cosmetics are fabulous. They wear well and have awesome colors.
  • Re-think your hair style. A good hair cut can make you feel great and look thinner. I got bangs cut into my hair and it did wonders for my face. I also recommend getting highlights put into your hair to brighten your overall look. If you are looking for a great stylist in the Twin Cities, Christina Selmer at Beau Monde Salon knows how to make plus-sized women shine!

I hope these tips will help you feel beautiful as you lose weight. Remember, this can be a fun and fulfilling journey–why not look good for it!

What is your favorite style advice? Leave a comment!