3 questions from a reader answered: what to eat to lose weight

I get many questions from readers about how to plan and what to eat. So, I decided to answer them in a post so you all can read my responses. I will

Strawberries with 100% real, full fat whipped cream

Strawberries with 100% real, full fat whipped cream for a night time snack

do this about every month, because I think you will find helpful information about planning to eat well in these posts.

These questions come from Linda, a Twitter buddy interested in eating well to lose weight and feel good. Linda, like us all, finds it hard to choose good carbs to balance snacks and meals.

Here are her questions and my responses:

  1. What kind of sausage do you use in the egg bake recipe? I, too, struggle to find good quality meats with sausage being one of the most challenging to find (or in Linda’s words, “Supermarket package is just crap!”). I like the raw, hand-done sausage from Whole Foods. It has sage in it and is very tasty. It makes my eggs and other dishes taste really good. The other option I suggest is to make your own sausage (I know, I know, that takes time. Believe me it is worth it!). Use this turkey sage sausage recipe. It will rock your world!
  2. What about home fries? Most are so processed! I have a great idea for this. While you can get good frozen french fries and hash browns from Whole Foods, I will do you one better. At Trader Joe’s, you can get fresh, cut sweet potatoes. Coat them with coconut oil and sea salt and put on a parchment paper lined baking pan (no mess to clean up); bake at 350 for about 30 to 40 minutes. Delicious!
  3. I am concerned with the artificial sweeteners – I am trying to totally eliminate them. Suggestions for sweeteners is hard. I don’t use many of them because they get my cravings going. I know some of my paleo friends love xylitol. Stevia has always tasted weird to me. I like maple syrup for most other sweetening.

Linda also asked about balanced meal and snack ideas. I am in love with tuna salad in half an avocado with a handful of veggies or berries is my favorite snack lately. I also like Trader Joe’s chicken sausages for lunch with a salad (easy, quick). Also, a couple of deviled eggs and half an apple will keep you satisfied in the afternoon.

I would love to answer your questions, too! Send them on in!