How Nutrition Can Support Addiction Recovery

Very often, people who struggle with food cravings (and their weight) also struggle with powerful cravings for drugs and alcohol–after all, the same biochemical processes are at work in both situations. Recently, I found out that someone I care about is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. I have great empathy for addicted people, because I know what it's like to experience overwhelming cravings for things that damage my health and well being.

Alcohol and drugs

Helpful Podcast about Addiction

So, I wanted to tell you about a great episode of Dishing Up Nutrition that helped me understand how good brain health plays a critical role in recovery:

Women, Addiction and Treatment on Dishing Up Nutrition Podcast

I hope you listen and learn about your own cravings, or pass it along to someone struggling with chemical addiction.



One Comment on “How Nutrition Can Support Addiction Recovery”

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