I just tried BarreAmped at Sparrow Studios

I am always looking for new exercise techniques and classes to maintain the my weight loss and to lose the “last 10 pounds.” While I understand that diet is about 80% of this equation, fun physical activity has its part to play. This past week, I took advantage of a free week of classes at Sparrow Studios in Eagan, Minnesota. They teach BarreAmped, as well as a variety of yoga classes, which is a results-oriented fitness regime based on modern and classical dance, Pilates, yoga and deep stretching.

The class was awesome. It focuses on small movements to get results. I left feeling taller and thinner–not BarreAmped Classbad for one hour. The teachers were great and understanding about people's differences.

The studio space is beautiful (I could look at trees during the class!). The owners, Brig and Erin, thought of everything, including cubbies in the studio so you don't need to worry about your purse or shoes being stolen while you are in class!

Most importantly, I saw women of all shapes and sizes in the class, and everyone could do all of the movements. I know when I was heavier, it was hard for me to keep up or do all of a routine. It is very confidence building to be able to do a class all the way through.

So, Minnesota ladies, I recommend you check out Sparrow Studios (remember first week is free). For the rest of you, google Barre classes and you can find one in your area. Happy exercising!





3 Comments on “I just tried BarreAmped at Sparrow Studios”

  1. Carly Brown says:

    Thanks for the Inspiration

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