3 healthy, low carb drinks for summer

I get a lot of questions about what to drink when sugary drinks or alcohol are not on the menu. It is nearly impossible for me, and most people for that matter, to lose weight while consuming a lot of alcohol, sugary beverages, or diet soda. But, I still want to participate in having a lovely beverage on the patio while soaking up the sun. So I’ve concocted some nice options for this summer.

No-jito, no sugar mojito

Nell’s not-so-famous no-jito: This is my non-alcoholic, no-sugar version of a mojito. I combine the juice of half a lime, crushed, fresh mint, 2 drops of stevia, ice, and bubbly water. I stir it all together and add slices of lime. You can make it by the pitcher as well. It is delicious!

Daiquiri: I puree any type of frozen fruit (raspberries, strawberries), and pour a 1/4 cup over ice. I add a splash of mango nectar, or any type of pure juice. I add 3 drops of stevia and bubble water. You can blend this all together or drink as is.

Brewed herbal iced tea: I bought an iced tea maker last year, and it was a great investment. I buy lovely herbal teas from Tea Source (my favorite is one called Red Berries) and brew away. It is a quick way to make a whole pot of tea very quickly. It’s usually naturally sweet, but if I need a bit more sweetener I add a drop of stevia or vegetable glycerin.

What’s your favorite summer drink? Leave a comment.



One Comment on “3 healthy, low carb drinks for summer”

  1. ilovethebeach06@yahoo.com says:

    sounds delicious, Nell.. my first two days low carb and i am feeling good.

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