Get yourself out of the “Fat Trap”

I just read this excellent, well-researched article about why counting calories and following crash diets are a fool’s errand. Lea Wetzell, from Nutritional Weight and Wellness, really shows you how these approaches to weight loss alter your body, getting you on the path of frustrating weight loss and gain.
Caught in the “Fat Trap”

By Lea Wetzell, MS, CNS, LN

Calorie counting; adding up points; weighing, measuring and journaling every ounce of food; countless hours at the gym; stepping on the scale day in and day out; and still fat? Does this sound familiar? If so, you are not alone. As a nation we have become obsessed with dieting and exercise, but all of these efforts have not put the slightest dent in our obesity epidemic. Currently in the U.S., over a third of the population is considered obese and two thirds overweight. Why are we caught in this fat trap? Maybe losing weight is more complex than just counting “calories in” and exercising “calories out.” Read the rest of this article


2 Comments on “Get yourself out of the “Fat Trap””

  1. As a formally obese (265#), cyclic dieter who is now in love with me and my extra 15 – 20 # right now AND a Professional Coach working in the field of food relationships, weight and self – love, I am happy to pass this article on. Being purposed to spread some Truth in an industry desparate enough to try anything it is good to spread the word!

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