I will be on Dishing Up Nutrition! The New Science of Weight Loss—More than Eating off Small Plates

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I will be a guest on Dishing Up Nutrition this weekend, Saturday, January 14 at 8:00 a.m. (download the podcast on iTunes). We will talk about the new science of weight loss, and how it is more than eating off of smaller plates. We will talk about how overly simplistic advice, like “eat off of smaller plates,” ultimately sabotages people’s weight loss efforts. This is because people are not taught to manage the overwhelming cravings that cause them to “eat the kitchen” and gain weight.

To give you a taste of what we will discuss, I have listed a couple of the crappy bits of weight loss advice received over my 25 years of dieting (and my commentary):

  • Take a bubble bath when you feel hungry. (why not eat)
  • Don’t eat after 6:30 pm. (a healthy, fat-ladened bed time snack will balance your blood sugar and help you sleep; sleep is key to weight loss)
  • Take a bite, then put your fork down; take a sip of water, and then cut your next bite; take another bite and repeat (lesson: what you are eating is so unsatisfying that you must follow this torturous procedure to eat it, only to give you the illusion that you are satiated)

All of this advice contributes to fat people’s already heightened state of anxiety around food and eating. Most importantly, it is necessary because the food most diet plans recommend you eat is so unsatisfying, and unable to deliver the feeling of being satiated, that they have to tell you something to curb the out-of-control cravings that result from what and how they are telling you to eat.

So, listen to the show and call in if you can!

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9 Comments on “I will be on Dishing Up Nutrition! The New Science of Weight Loss—More than Eating off Small Plates”

  1. Jessica says:

    The kids and I listened to the show this morning (streaming right along with you). Sounded like a PRO.

    Thanks for taking your story to the airwaves again. I have referred many people to NWW and to your “What I Eat…” blog link and will continue to do so; your page “hits” will continue to go up.

    After we hit the gym this morning, we’re on our way to get a LARGE cream whipper later today. I bought a small one for Christmas but after hearing you, I’ve decided to get back to the whip-n-berries after hearing you. (I’ve been whipping by hand or just not eating evening snacks at all.)

    Have to admit that I slipped back into old habits, chiefly not snacking and not eating in balance (i.e. “just the eggs, no greens” or “just the apple and nut butter, no protein”). The timing on your show is good for me, and I hope it motivates you as you continue on the upswing.
    Mackenzie wanted to close this post, so the 5-year old (Mackenzie) will take a turn at writing our closing:
    love mackenzie love mommy

  2. Lainey says:

    Hi, Nell! Discovered your blog through Cathy Zielske’s Move More Eat Well 2012 class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have suspected for quite some time that significantly lowering my carb intake would be key for me to get healthy and lose weight, but I’ve been intimidated and fearful of making the change. It just seems so HUGE. And it makes me terribly sad to think about giving up all my precious carbs when they have been such a wonderful soother all these years. Yes, I do realize it’s a destructive and abusive relationship I have!

    I’ve read through most of your blog, and I’m wondering if you know of any resources or advice for helping me deal with carb withdrawal. Eating more fat and protein certainly helps the psychological desires to keep eating, but I have terrible headaches and get low-blood-sugar shakes when I try to eliminate carbs. And everyone around me starts to hate me because I get snappish and grumpy. When I tried Atkins (at least 10 years ago), my friends, who had encouraged me to try the diet because of their own sucesses with it, were giving me cookies 2 weeks in because I was a raging bitch! Now with 2 small children around I can’t imagine it will be any easier!

    • That is so great you found me. I had the same feelings you did about giving up carbs. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to the radio show, Dishing Up Nutrition, because I KNEW they were going to tell me to give stuff up. But when I slowly, over time, got the grains and extra carbs out of my diet, it was much easier.

      For carb withdrawal, which I experienced and still experience (when I fall off the wagon), I use a supplement called crave control (http://www.nutrikey.net/ViewProduct.asp?ModelNumber=R136). For me, it is magic. I take three capsules before each meal and snack. It takes away what I call “itchy tongue”–that feeling like you just want to eat, no matter what it is, and you can’t control yourself. It helps me get over those humps that can be so challenging.

      I hope this information helps! Nell

  3. Kate says:

    I’ve followed all those pieces of weight-loss advice you listed and see where it got me. I’m really looking forward to hearing about the new science, but I suspect it’s the PFC we’ve already been taught by NWW counselors. That’s what is working for me this time and I don’t fee deprived. I’m down 40 lbs. since February. I also enjoy hearing you on the radio. You’re my hero!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Nell, the times when you’ve been a guest on Dishing Up Nutrition have been some of my favorite shows! Can’t wait to listen in this week.

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