They aren’t lying. Keeping the weight off IS the hardest part.

By “they” I mean the diet “experts” you always hear saying, “Keeping IT off is the hard part.” I always thought, “Easy for you to say! You are thin. I

Lady wagging her finger

"Keeping it off is going to be the hard part."

am in the middle of trying to lose this weight. That’s the hard part.” How wrong I was.

When I was losing the weight, I had very tangible goals in mind:

  • Fit into regular sizes, not plus sizes
  • Lose at a slow and steady rate
  • Fit into some great jeans
  • Be able to do hot yoga three times a week
  • Etc.

Without the forward momentum and the goals, I’ve lost my way a bit. I have let things slide. I’ve slacked off on my physical activity, namely not keeping up with yoga. I’ve also gotten really slack about my diet. The times when I go off my food plan have started to blur together, rather than being isolated incidents.

The result: A slow, but steady, weight gain and loss of muscle tone. I am getting soft again. What a colossal bummer. And I have to admit the diet experts are right on this one.

So, what now? Well, I am taking heart that I know eating protein, carbs and fat in balance is my way back to maintaining my 90 pound weight loss and feeling better in my clothes. I am also planning on going back to my nutritionist ( for guidance. I also have thought that doing a cleanse with Metagenics Ultra Clear may help get me back on track. I also know I need to start doing yoga consistently for tone and well-being.

The main thing though will be to slowly get back to my program, rather than trying to be heroic and do everything perfectly right away. The all or nothing thinking that caused me to fail at weight loss so many times before is at the root of this latest setback. So, being accepting of failures will be key to getting back on track.

I would love to hear your comments as always!


12 Comments on “They aren’t lying. Keeping the weight off IS the hardest part.”

  1. rachel says:

    Hi Nell – YES keeping it off is the hardest part. I’ve been down to the weight that is good for me and have maintained for awhile and then things seem to slip. I’ve slipped a bit over the past year and want to get back down to where I was happy at.

    I’m interested in more information on the Metagenics shakes. Is there a particular shake from Metagenics you recommend? How do you best use them? And for how long?

    Thanks so much!


  2. Sarah says:

    Love the honesty of this post!! A lot of people say winter has this effect on weight loss…but I find summer is worse! Everyone is out of schedule and on “holidays” so lets throw caution to the wind and have that extra spritzer and hot dog!

    I am curious to know why the cleanse though? I know you mentioned it as a jump start but from what I have researched those things can really mess you up AND have little proven benefits, especially to weight loss.

    • Great comment. By cleanse I mean replacing 2 snacks with a high-nutrient shake from Metagenics. Hardly the starve yourself and eat no protein. I have crazy energy when I do this. I haven’t really decided yet. Thanks again for the comment!

  3. Hi Nell! I just listened to one of the Dishing Up Nutrition podcasts that you were on, and your success is very motivating! I just started reading your blog, good stuff here! 🙂 It is hard to keep it off and keep the momentum going, but it sounds like you’re on the right track with getting back in touch with your nutritionist. I wish you all the best, and just know that so many of us are with you as you make this journey. We’re not perfect, but we can keep fighting the good fight for our families, and most of all, for ourselves. Hang in there!

  4. sarahsmum says:

    I so hear you. I have lost about 70 lb, well now 60 lb. If I’m honest I’ve gained about 8 lb. So mad at myself but just can’t seem to get the motivation going. “The times when I go off my food plan have started to blur together, rather than being isolated incidents.” This is also so true, the amount of times off the food plan is becoming so often that there is almost a new food plan. Thanks for blogging. Helps to know that I’m not the only one. Good luck getting your mojo back. I will keep checking in for inspiration, so you know you are not alone either.

  5. Karin G says:

    It’s hard to keep up with packed schedules, and it takes all your effort just to get through the day. Diet and exercise is usually the first thing to slide.

  6. John says:

    For me the season of gain is just about to start. I maintain/lose over the summer through biking. Now I have to get back to yoga or other exercise or my old friend will come back. Must find something that I enjoy and can do without arm twisting. Any suggestions?

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