Tax on junk food?

I would love to hear what you all think of this podcast from MPRs Midmorning with Kerri Miller about taxing junk food. I thought it was a very interesting discussion. However, I get nervous about who is defining what junk food is. Will there be a tax on butter and other healthy saturated fats? Leave a comment!


2 Comments on “Tax on junk food?”

  1. Lisa says:

    I agree – the idea is terrifying. Probably the rules will be made by the same people who decided that artificially manufactured chemical concoctions are healthier than real, natural foods.

  2. John Mattson says:

    I am completely sick of the government using tax code to persuade people to do anything. I want them to stop giving tax breaks to people to get a mortgage. I want them to stop giving tax breaks for making corn into ethanol. I want them to stop using all forms of taxation to get people to do anything. I will admit that I am not against taxing cigarettes or alcohol because of the economic costs they impose on society but I am almost ready to give up those taxes in order to eliminate all tax loopholes and all tax incentives.
    It seems to me that we have removed too much responsibility from people for their own actions. Go and smoke for the first 40 years of your life. When you get emphysema, the government will take care of you if your insurance won’t. We need to find a way to put this cost and this responsibility back onto the people who do the smoking. You want to eat your way into obesity, you need to be responsible for the costs associated with the disease.
    From a purely Darwinian standpoint, survival of the fittest would indicate that doing stupid things to your body will have consequences. We have taken some/many of those consequences away with our medical technology.
    We are also partly to blame for the problem. We let our desire for instant gratification and corporations and advertisers run our lives. People need to stop letting desire run their thinking and start being more critical of the outrageous crap that the television is sending into their homes.
    The government will not be able to regulate what stupid people eat with some kind of tax. It will only make them spend more money on the crap they want. Get out of this kind of thinking and start figuring out a way to make people take responsibility for their actions.

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