Watch Gary Taubes “Break It Down” for You

Gary Taubes speaks to an audience at Google about his new book “Why We Get Fat.” If you watch this video, you get a great overview of the book. It is an hour and some change of Gary talking about why the theory of energy balance is complete hogwash, and why it is impossible to maintain energy balance to lose weight. It’s brilliant. He’s brilliant. Watch it.

What do you think of his talk? Leave a comment.


4 Comments on “Watch Gary Taubes “Break It Down” for You”

  1. Deal says:

    Hey,just wanna apologize if I came across as kinda an ass.Its just that the LC gurus send the wrong message and I feel that many people would benefit from just slowly reducing calories.You do seem very intelligent and your points are well taken but its just too many people that believe in the carbs are bad yet gain weight.These people just eat too much fat.Some of the ladies I have spoken with say that they are eating around 3000cal per day and that amazes me.There is no way the female body will burn away that amount of fuel.3000cal is for an active male.I do believe that lowcarb has a major benefit of reducing appetite though.This is how I am able to go down to 1200cal as a male and lose bodyfat.If at 1600 weightloss is so slow that it feels like it will never happen for me.

    BTW,nice site and good luck. 🙂

    • You did not come across as an ass at all! I love dissenting views. It’s no fun just talking to people who agree with me all the time. I welcome your perspective ALWAYS!

      It is interesting what you say about high fat diets. The plan I follow incorporates good fat at each meal and snack. However for weight loss and maintenance, this is limited to a couple of teaspoons of added fat. I do have to measure this out. I eat protein, carbs and fat in balance. So, I cook my eggs in 2 teaspoons of butter or oil. So, I do need to control additional fat intake to LOSE weight.

      Fat for me is a satiation tool so I don’t go crazy and eat a bunch of processed carbs. So, your points are very well taken!

  2. Deal says:

    Why is he brilliant?Why is Jimmy Moore obese?If you look at the calorie restricted diet plans out there like Weight Watchers you see people losing weight while eating sugar?I look at all the followers of this strange new thought “paradigm” that its all insulin and they are fat and getting fatter and I wonder why.

    Jimmy Moore grows larger and he thinks that as long as he keeps the carbs low he will not gain weight and actually lose weight.So he just adds more and more calories in the form of lowcarb butter,nuts etc.The man is slowly becoming obese again now for yrs.He is one of the highest regarded names in this eat all you want but just keep carbs as low as possible cult.His followers who cut the fat low lose weight but the ones that keep the fat high on purpose do not and actually gain bodyfat and you have to wonder why?

    So I ask again,why are these guys considered genius??

    • Thanks for your comment. I think for some people Weight Watchers and diets like it can work. Obviously they do work for people. Gary Taubes and Jimmy Moore dispel the myth that “everything in moderation” is a workable solution for people like me–the people for whom grains, starchy vegetables, and anything process cause us to pack on pounds. They speak to people who have tried everything, and blame themselves for diets that will never work for them because they do not honestly address the fact that carbs of any kind can be problematical for some people. I think Taubes is a genius because he provides very well-researched documentation around the question, “Why can’t I lose weight? I have tried everything.”

      I know for myself, that if I have grains and sugar even in moderation, I gain weight. It is as predictable for me as the sunrise. I appreciate these men’s perspectives because they are telling the truth to people that are hopeless about their weight.

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