Still Struggling with Food Cravings

Saturday, I went to see my nutritionist Anna at Nutritional Weight and Wellness. I set up the appointment after about a month and a half of losing and gaining the same five pounds. I have also been struggling with my cravings (see post). I am a person who needs periodic support and fine tuning of my diet to keep losing weight. I am nearing the end of my weight loss journey, with only 10-15 more pounds to lose. I have grown a bit weary and complacent, thus the relapsing into old habits. It is really hard to keep at this after two years of consistent effort. It is also really hard to keep my meals from getting too boring and same-y. Ahhhh…

So, I met with Anna on Saturday. I left her office rejuvenated. We talked about how my flagging energy for keeping things going could be from boring food choices. I would never have thought this was why I was straying into the land of food relapse, but on reflection it was a big part of it. Also, she told me the gaining and loss pattern was because of my relapsing with the carbs that give me trouble (bread, pasta, pizza, corn chips, oh and, on one occasion, a really giant Hurricane cocktail). I can fool myself, but I can’t fool my metabolism (remember: the body is super smart!). It was great to have someone point these things out. She helped me to be mindful of my choices, and she gave me some great recipes to spice things up food-wise.

As I said, I left her office ready to roll. Ready to lose that last 20 pounds in short order. Ready to take those cravings on! Ah, well… I promptly went to my sister’s house last night and ate cheese, bread with butter, a large plate of delicious pasta, a big pile of hash brown casserole, and a large piece of coconut cream pie. More carbs and sugar than I usually eat in a week. So, was my visit with Anna for naught? Not at all. I know what I need to do now to get back on track, but I am humbled by Sunday’s meal. Humbled that I thought, “I have this all figured out! Onward and upward!” and was proven so wrong yet again. Relapses are teaching me a lot about this complex problem of weight loss.

So, if you hear anyone say, “I have the answer to all of your weight loss problems, and it’s simple, quick, and easy,” my experience says run for the hills.


10 Comments on “Still Struggling with Food Cravings”

  1. lea says:

    Hi, i have been to see a nutritionist at nww also and love their message. Unfortunately i havenot managed to lose more than a few pounds (over and over). I have trouble with social situations, and there are soooo many! But i started reading Gary Taubes and a blog by Kurt Harris. He advocates getting rid of all grains and sugar. Processed stuff of course. He also says only eat whenhungry and Reaaly dont be afraid of fat. I know the balanced meals all day keep the blood sugar even but just eating when i am hungry and keeping the food to fat,protien and carbs only from non starchy veg is incredibly satisfying. I am at a place where i am not thinking about my next snack constantly. I am not saying i havent fallen off the wagon…beer is my big downfall, and one always leads to cravings for bad carbs. I am just sharing that even though i thinking nww is awesome and correct in their message. I think the eating when hungry (because it is not as often) is really liberating for me. I am down three pounds 22 to go. I dont know if the fact of needing to lose 30pounds versus 100 makes a difference. Seems like people with more to lose can make any change and see results for a while. It is the last 20-30 (or first in my case) that are harder to lose. By the way lara bars and kind bars are delicious but with all those carbs they will make you crave MORE. Keep up the great work and keep us posted on your progress! It is nice to hear the ups (and downs) so we know we arenot the only ones 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    That is very helpful! Thank you! I have heard of Kind bars…I will have to try them sometime. I haven’t thought of beef sticks…that’s a good idea. I was trying to think of other protein options to pair with snacks besides, cheese sticks and hard boiled eggs. Great ideas! Thank you so much! ~Kimberly

  3. Kimberly says:

    Hi Nell! I have been looking at your blog off and on and keep coming back for inspiration. I took the Nutritional Weight and Wellness class 5 years ago. I never got it together. Then I had gestational diabetes during both of my pregnancies and they put me on a very similar plan (albeit low fat) and I started losing weight. I was inspired after viewing what you ate in a day to try this plan today and I did it and yes it’s only been one day but I feel so satisfied. I am happy you share your struggles as I feel that it’s so normal but glad you continue to get support. I moved out of Minnesota but wish I could go back to meet with the nutritionist now! I have a few questions for you wondering if you could answer.

    1) When you use full fat whipped cream with fruit do you sweeten it? And if you do, what do you use to sweeten it ?
    2) Do you ever use the new coconut milk products by Silk??? Or what type of coconut milk do you use?
    3) What are your feelings on Lara Bars? I know they are not low carb…but they are made with whole food ingredients…just wondering what you thought of them on this plan.

    Thanks Nell! Keep up the great blog! So helpful 🙂

    • I am so glad you are helped by the blog. That is why I do it.

      So, your questions:
      I use vanilla and a little maple syrup to sweeten. You would be surprised how close it tastes to sweet cream!
      The Silk coconut milk products are OK, but they usually don’t have enough fat as the coconut milk in a can. You can use silk to make your smoothy a little lighter though.
      Lara bars are OK. Have you tried KIND bars? I usually pair either of those with a beef stick for a balanced snack. Yum!

      I hope this helps!

  4. auggiesmom says:

    Can you share the new recipes? I’m bored too!

  5. Jenny Y says:

    Hi Nell,

    My first thought when reading this post was. “She needs a booster shot of self esteem.” You deserve to be healthy & strong & full of energy.

    When well meaning people try to tempt me to eat unhealthy foods, I think to myself: “If I asked them to take a break from being healthy, would they say Yes?” That’s what they are asking me, but don’t realize it. (I love the food I eat, btw.)

    When you feel tempted to eat bad carbs (even tempted by yourself), decide to choose health instead of sickness. It’s not just a question of thin vs. fat.

  6. Amr Barrada says:

    Great piece of work.

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